Andrew Johnson Director - Head of
Sport & Entertainment

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My time’s focused on ‘giving back’ my knowledge and experience, and advising on challenges faced by professional athletes in the transition from a professional career into business (life after sport).

After spending nearly two decades in a ‘top flight club’, playing football internationally and dealing with the day to day pressures and demands of the game, I firmly believe preparation for ‘life after sport’, starts within your sporting career. I’ve developed a broad range of skills, along with a passion for business, as the owner and investor of multiple companies, and at Fortus along with my colleagues, support athletes and business owners operating in the exciting and innovative world of sport, media and entertainment.

Outside of business life, I like to spend time with my 3 kids and follow their passions of horse riding and football. Alternatively, you can find me unwinding and socialising with my family and friends, away on a city break, often involving a beach.

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“The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable.”