Carly Liston Executive Director

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I advise and support a wide range of owner-managed businesses in accountancy, tax and business advisory. Alongside this, I head up the leadership team in the East region.

I’ve recently joined our Client Advisory Board, in order to generate ideas and focus on service delivery, solutions and products across the business. My career’s spanned over two decades in practice, qualifying as a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), and as a Chartered Certified Accountant. I love supporting clients, spending time to understand them as people, their businesses, and finding solutions to their problems and issues.

I’m proud to have built a successful career, whilst raising a young family. I believe people are our most important asset, and they’ll ultimately determine the success of our business. I’m passionate to ensure we attract, retain and develop the very best talent, and provide them with an amazing career and experience, so they in turn, provide our clients with a remarkable service. When I’m not working, I enjoy keeping fit and strong, so a box fit or HITT workout form part of my morning routine.

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“Continuous effort, notstrength orintelligence isthe key tounlocking our potential"