Paul Jepps Director - Head of Service Charge

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After founding Fortus Service Charge I now lead the team, who are dedicated to meeting the needs of clients, including, landlords, managing agents, housing associations and residents across the UK.

I’ve been working in the accountancy sector for over 25 years and during this time, I’ve been instrumental in successfully growing Fortus Service Charge from £75k to £1.2m.  The team now have a well-respected, trusted and award-winning proposition, within the property management sector.  What I love about working in the sector is the opportunity to change and improve standards, working with a strong team and network of like-minded professionals.

Outside of work, my interests used to revolve around sport, including going to the gym, cycling, football, and skiing. Nowadays however, my spare time is mostly spent with my wife, entertaining our two young daughters.

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“Today'sopportunitiesare tomorrow'ssuccesses"