Sanjay Khullar Director

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My role in Fortus now is supporting and advising a wide range of business owner clients in and around Leicestershire, using both my accountancy and business advisory experience.

I’ve worked in both professional practice and industry starting at a big 4 firm and then a top 20 accountancy firm. My career has included working in the UK and abroad giving me extensive experience of offshore structures. My industry experience comes from being Group Financial Director of a multi-million pound UK company for many years, where I led the consolidation of various acquisitions and new structures, leading up to the group’s eventual (planned) sale.

In my spare time, I like to relax by watching a variety of sports, such as Cricket and Rugby. When I’m not immersed in various sports, I’m out socialising with friends and family.

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“Working as a team with colleagues and clients to achieve the client’s goals is the ultimate pleasure and job satisfaction”