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Paul Dixon Director

As you know, an audit can be a powerful tool for any business. It’s a simple and effective way to demonstrate credibility. It can also add a huge amount of value, by way of reassurance for key stakeholders, both today and in the future.

You understand your client’s ambitions best, and will know whether an audit will support them in their journey. Our approach is collaborative, painless and non-disruptive to any business we work with.

We won’t compete with you

Rest assured, we’ll only offer services to you and your clients without competing on overlapping services. We’re here to work in partnership with you, not compete against you with your clients.  Our objective’s to help you to enhance YOUR relationships with them by offering audit and assurance services.

Fulfilling statutory obligations

For those client’s where an audit’s a must, we’re clear on one thing: it shouldn’t be a painful process for them, or you. Let our team take responsibility for providing the external view on how the business is operating, highlighting any risk areas or exposure that helps your client to move forward.

Adding credibility & supporting growth

If you have clients looking to enhance their financial credibility, or possibly raise funds for growth, we can work with you to build a history of audited financial statements to increase their credibility. If a client has grown rapidly or is gearing up for a new contract, we can provide an honest assessment of current standing and recommendations for change with our systems review and financial health checks.

Financial due diligence for clients growing by acquisition

Any client planning to grow by acquisition needs a focused team to make sure everything stacks up with any business purchases. Late, nasty surprises can pose a risk to you and your client. We can take responsibility for this area of due diligence, making sure the target business is the right purchase for your client and will achieve their ambitions.

"There are so many things we don't have to worry about now - Fortus are just dealing with it. You can't put a price on that feeling"

Anthony Sheret Colophon Foundry


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