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Gordon Johnston Executive Director

If you have a client who’s fallen on hard times, likely facing insolvency, they will be looking to you to help them through the difficult times ahead. The situation can be unnerving as the rules surrounding business insolvency are complex. Having helped businesses in such circumstances for over 20 years, we know managing an insolvency process is stressful and complicated.

When it’s your client under the spotlight you need to know you have access to the right advice. We believe that as soon as a business shows warning signs of financial problems, early intervention CAN help a business to recover and get back on track. Here’s how Fortus Recovery can help you and your client…

We understand what it’s like to have clients under pressure, and to have them reach out for reassurance and protection. Hearing advice from an independent source will often bring greater clarity in finding the right solution. Our role is to turn advice into action and help your clients to make courageous – but correct – decisions. We’ll be unquestionably honest, and where possible, ensure that they grasp the opportunities available to them.

Early communication is key

There isn’t a formula for calculating the precise moment any troubled business owner should reach out for help. One thing we’re clear on, is the earlier we’re made aware of what’s going on in your client’s business, the more options may be available to them. There’s no such thing as speaking with us ‘too early’ – advising on problems whilst in their infancy can help to prevent them becoming unmanageable.

We’re realistic and fair

When clients are feeling under pressure and struggling to get on top of things, their first assumption is often, that they will ‘lose everything’ or have to ‘wind up the business’. This is often not the case. It’s important to focus on what can be done, rather than what can’t, so we’ll be keen to bring new ideas and approaches to the table.

Insolvency will only be the outcome if all other options of turning things around have been exhausted. We know when delivering difficult news, it’s important to be sensitive to the situation, but also realistic and fair. Our recommendations will always be to achieve what is best in the long term.

Our specialist team

Our Insolvency Practitioners have been working with clients facing insolvency for over twenty years. We’ve advised businesses of all shapes and sizes, from a variety of sectors. Some of our team also have practical experience of running businesses themselves – we can understand and sympathise with what is happening to your client. Our team are approachable, dedicated and highly qualified. We understand that each situation is totally unique and so our solutions are tailored to match the specific requirements of the situation.

"The Fortus team were very helpful in assisting me with a client issue. I’m a local accountant, and my client had some queries in relation to a liquidated company and director liabilities. Thank you again for your help and for sharing your knowledge."

Amy R. Local accountant

"Great service from start to finish. Reassuringly confident, calm and discreet. This company is very professional and efficient and will leave no stone unturned to support you."

Rocky Moore Business Owner


We offer a free initial meeting to you and your client to discuss their situation and take those first steps towards a solution.

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