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Chris Wilson Director - Head of Tax

Specialist tax advice is in high demand. Your clients are continually looking at how they can be more tax efficient and now, more than ever, how they can get cash back into their business, maximising the tax reliefs available. You may not wish to employ full time specialist tax consultants to help them achieve this – that’s where Fortus can help with our tax advisory services …

Our knowledgeable and talented tax team can add so much more value to your clients over and above just tax compliance. Whether it’s structuring a business tax efficiently, capital allowances, funding education fees, tax planning for sale, share schemes, IHT and estate planning, or ensuring all available reliefs are claimed, we’ve got an adaptable team with decades of experience to help you and your clients.

We won’t compete with you

We’re here to work in partnership with you, not compete against you with your clients. Rest assured we’ll only offer services to you and your clients without competing on overlapping services – our objective’s to help you to enhance YOUR relationships with them by offering tax advisory, supporting your clients and helping you retain them for longer. We want you to be able to refer your clients’ tax with the confidence and reassurance that we’ll be there to enhance your own offering.

Offer your clients specialist tax advisory

By offering business tax advisory with your other services such as accounts and audit, your clients will enjoy the benefit of a joined-up approach. We’ll work closely with you and other experts in our Fortus teams if required, to ensure your clients are claiming all the tax reliefs they’re entitled to.

This approach means we won’t leave any tax planning angle unexplored for your clients.

Tax legislation’s continually evolving

Complexity in tax legislation is also increasing. These changes alone can pose a risk to your business. At Fortus, we’ve invested in developing a range of tax specialist teams so that you can simply tap into the expertise you need when more complicated issues arise. Areas such as VAT, R&D, Employment Taxes, Personal Tax and IHT, Capital Allowances, Corporate Restructuring, and International Tax.

Our specialist team of tax advisors

Our Fortus team’s made up of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including former HMRC Inspectors and specialist tax advisors. Between them, they have decades of tax advisory experience available to you and your clients.

“Chris has added considerable value to both our clients and our firm. He communicates with great clarity throughout the process from planning to execution."

Bill Humphreys - Director Libra Wealth Management Limited

“We’ve worked with the team now for several years. The quality of advice is excellent, and Chris is an outstanding tax technical expert. Our members recognise there's no possibility of conflict with their own services and see the added value of this relationship.”

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