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Chris Wilson Director - Head of Tax

Our Corporate Finance team can be a great asset to your business, whether you have clients looking to build value in their business, buy or sell a company, raise finance or plan their succession. They deliver impressive results, time and again.

Our specialist team live and breathe this part of financial services, so they can bring their extensive knowledge to you and your client and aim to avoid submitting funding applications which might not hit the mark for the lenders. Their extensive network of contacts could open doors to alternative sources of finance, which may be a better match for your client.

Casting a wider net

We know you’ve got an excellent and trusted network of contacts. We do too! By working together, we believe we can cast the net a little wider than you’d do normally. This means your client will benefit from a wider choice of finance sources and potentially identify opportunities which mightn’t have been available before.

Specialist support whether buying or selling

Any sale, whether you’re the buyer or the seller, can consume your time. It’s not just about finding the right company for the purchase. Negotiating the best deal and keeping the chain together is imperative. Our team can be the specialist support you draft in to take the bulk of legwork off you and your client, knowing you’ll get the result needed.

Planning a successful succession

The journey of building a successful business is personal, and this can make it more difficult for your clients to let go, often leaving succession planning until it’s too late. We can work with you and your client to bring a succession strategy into the ongoing business plan so maximum value of the business is secured.

“I went through a business partnership break up and Fortus helped me through all of it ... Fortus are absolutely amazing."

Rob Salt R.A.S Masonry Ltd.


Our specialist team are ready to bring this extensive knowledge to you and your clients.

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