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Most business owners will have some form of property need, whether it’s leasing, buying or selling, or having a wider property portfolio – your clients will need property advice and support at some point.

Although you may not expect a Business Advisory and Accountancy firm to have a Property Services team within it, we see this as a huge asset for clients. Our property team, led by experienced Chartered Surveyors, provide a full suite of property services and also work closely with our tax teams on specialist areas such as embedded Capital Allowances and Land Remediation Relief – thus providing property and tax expertise under one roof.

Property services we can offer your clients

Fortus work with hundreds of business owners providing them with property valuations, asset and portfolio management, lease event management, site acquisition and disposal and property tax relief advice.

We’re here to work with you and your clients

Rest assured, we want to work in partnership with you. Given this,  we’ll only offer property services to your clients in collaboration with you, and without competing on overlapping services. Our objective’s to help you to enhance YOUR client relationships by offering these services as your trusted partner.

Our specialist property services team

Our team of Chartered Surveyors and property experts have decades of experience in property markets and sectors across the UK. Over the years they’ve helped hundreds of businesses, guiding them through the process of buying or renting a new property and utilising our skill and experience to ensure the process is delivered effectively, driving exceptional value for money on every deal.

“The property team work on our lease event negotiations across the UK and we're really impressed with the results they've delivered."

Bhavesh Yagnik Day Lewis Plc

“The Fortus property team helped us agree a refined search criteria for a new site and identified office features, before negotiating an excellent new lease deal"

Steve Hyde Push Group


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