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Chris Land Director

Making a successful claim for R&D tax relief could make a huge difference to your client’s business. Our innovation tax relief team know this area inside and out. They house a wealth of experience gained both in practice and in senior positions within HMRC, providing a great combination of tax and industry-based knowledge. They’re the ideal team to be advising you and your client.

You may have clients using a third-party R&D company which is outside of your control. By having a strategic partnership with Fortus, you could offer specialist innovation tax relief services to your clients, helping you to strengthen your client relationships further and retain your clients longer.

Many business owners still believe their company won’t qualify for R&D tax credits. In these cases, that misconception’s simply wrong and costing them, tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds annually. HMRC estimates that 97% of eligible companies still aren’t claiming and are therefore missing out. Could your clients be one of these?

Secure your clients a cash injection now

The beauty of innovation tax relief isn’t simply a reduced tax bill; short-term funding can be secured based on future claims. Together, the tax relief and funding can be secured as cash directly into your clients’ business and the sums involved can be significant and immediate.

Are your clients’ R&D claims maximised?

If your clients are already claiming R&D tax relief through an un-referred third party, you can’t be sure their claims are being maximised. We’ll carry out a complimentary benchmarking review on your behalf, to see how robust their previous claims have been. In some cases, we’ve been able to increase claims by more than 200% – this can be significant given the size of claims available.

Add more value with our specialist team

You already deliver a huge amount of value to your clients, but we know you have ambition to do more for them. With the skills and experience of our R&D tax team, you can grow your client relationships even further with little risk to your business.

“Chris (Land) is a great guy! We've seen a constant drive from him to support us as a business. He picks the phone up and is always happy to answer any query with confidence. Fortus are personable but professional."

Carl Nickson Eboracum UK Ltd


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